Finding the right path in life is often not easy. What path are you looking for?

– For a loved one (Family RESCUE™)
– Personal Recovery
– Family Recovery
Personal Success
– Career, relationships, health, life transitions, spiritual and more
Let an expert help you discover possible ways forward and the right path for you. Read on or call us right now to talk about your specific situation (833) TWO WOLVES (833) 896-9658

John Curtiss

"The ability of the people at Two Wolves to convey a message of hope and recovery, from the heart, translates into positive outcomes for those they serve. The feedback we have received from those referred from The Retreat has been excellent.”

John Curtiss

President and CEO, The Retreat (Formerly Director of Development at Hazelden)


“Harry Cunliffe has a passion for helping others in recovery that is like a lighthouse in a storm. He was a lifesaver to me. His compassion and refusal to give up hope saved me from the downward spirals of addiction and relapse. Choosing to work with Two Wolves changed my life.”

Scott B.